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Shutter door motor kalata M600D

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Electric roller shutter door motor, kalata M600D, remote door motor, good quality, cheap price by Teng Thong Panich Plastic Co., Ltd., a manufacturer and distributor of stretch film, shrink film, stretch film, pallet wrap. stretch film for hand wraps stretch film wrapping equipment Stretch film for wrapping machines It is a stretch film factory. Stretch film wrapping machine, shrink film, packing equipment, clear plastic, plastic flooring remote door motor Packing machine, PP strap, PET strap, etc.

Model type: M600D
technical parameters
In weight lifting (Max load): 600kg.
Power (Rated power): 370w.
Current (Rated voltage): 220v.
Pipe size (Tubular dia): 140mm.
Change in pipe speed (Rated speed): 4.5r.p.m.
Maximum torque (Rated torque): 420N.m.

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